It's Gilmore Girls Season

To celebrate our favourite time of year (Fall A.K.A. Gilmore girls season), we've put together a pop-culture inspired box to celebrate our comfort show. It was incredibly challenging to distill this incredible TV experience into a handful of items, but hopefully we were able to capture the essence of the Gilmore girls.

We're going to take you through the three main themes of the box and the small business goodies that will whisk you away to Stars Hollow.


Photo Credit: The New Statesman

1. Coffee

Anyone who doesn't love Gilmore girls always asks, "Why do they have to talk so fast?". The answer? Caffeine. Those girls drink a LOT of coffee.

In fact, the first lines of the show go something like this:

Lorelai: Please, Luke. Please, please, please.

Luke: How many cups have you had this morning?



Five. But yours is better.

You have a problem.

Yes, I do.


The first product for the Gilmore box needed to be a bag of coffee that was as strong as Lorelai, Rory and all of the other women on the show. 

The Bad Ass Babe roast from Altitude Coffee Roasters is the perfect medium-dark blend with an amazing name. But that's not all.

This roast was created to support two strong women raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Research with $2 from each sale donated to the cause.

With the coffee figured out, we needed a mug to hold that delicious roast. A lot of fans probably wanted to see a Luke's mug, but like, copyright.

Our boxes are inspired by pop-culture, so we like references that come with a wink. True fans will look at this mug, brought to life by The Playful Pineapple, and will see Lorelai with three coffees at Weston Bakery.


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2. Gilmore Eating Habits

Photo Credit: Boxed Cookies

Since we can't fill the box with pizza from Antonioli's, or burgers from Luke's, we decided to include another Gilmore staple.

These Strawberry Pop Tart cookies from Boxed Cookies are the perfect treat for your re-watch. With strawberry filling in a brown sugar cookie dough, and a white chocolate and vanilla rainbow frosting, you'll get a taste of the girls' diet.



Photo Credit: Vocal Media


3. Books, Boys & Big Dreams

Gilmore girls is about the evolution of two women with big dreams. It's about change, growth, and the messy, yet beautiful, moments that get you there. Beyond coffee and junk food, these are the references that help define their journey.

 In the words of Rory Gilmore, "I live in two worlds; one is a world of books". With this in mind, incorporating some bookish items was a must for this box.

To keep your paperbacks looking pristine we have a beautifully made book sleeve from Happy Thoughts Crafting Co. The print we chose encompasses so many of the iconic moments and landmarks from the show. It even has the Hep Alien van!

Books represent so much of who Rory is and how she interacts with the world. Through her love of books she creates some of her strongest bonds, especially the one with her grandfather.


Photo Credit: Buzz Feed


These stunning, illustrated bookmarks from BDesignz Boutique are more than just a book accessory. Each of them showcases some of the moments and landmarks that are pivotal to the show.

Whether you love the impulsiveness of the Life & Death Brigade, or prefer the comfort of Stars Hollow, you have an artistic take on each.


Photo Credit: Buzz Feed

Throughout each season, the ambitions of the Gilmore girls are central to the show. For Lorelai, this was the dream of opening her own inn with her best friend Sookie.

The evolution of The Dragonfly Inn mirrors that of Lorelai and is a representation of her growth and determination.

With bright dragonflies, and GG monograms, this beautiful scrunchie from Mar's Scrunchies will keep your hair in place during a binge re-watch session. 


 Photo Credit: Gilmore girls Wiki


Creating this Gilmore inspired box wouldn't be possible without the small businesses mentioned throughout - thanks friends! We encourage you to check them out and show them some love on social media.

Well, that's it folks. Nothing left to do but get ready for the ultimate re-watch where we'll immerse ourselves in the antics of Stars Hollow.

Looking to get your hands on our first ever Gilmore box? Orders are open here until September 22nd just in time for FALL.

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