Behind the Scenes: The Eras Box

Behind the Scenes: The Eras Box

Welcome, Swifties to an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of The Eras Box! We're taking you through the creation of this one-of-a-kind collection, inspired by Taylor Swift's iconic albums that was brought to life with love and support from exceptional small businesses.

Chapter 1: The Vision Takes Shape
I've been a fan of Taylor Swift since her debut album and have seen her live a few times. With a new generation of Swifties emerging, I was excited to create an Eras-inspired box for my niece's birthday. This gift sparked the concept of curating a box that encapsulated the essence of Taylor's diverse music eras while showcasing small businesses.

The Inspiration

Chapter 2: Hand-Picked Goodies from Small Businesses
There's a lot of research that goes into a pop-culture inspired box as it requires a balance between references that are blatant and those that are nuanced. For this box we were able to work with some of our fave small businesses, but we also sourced items from a handful of new shops.

Chapter 3: Weaving Taylor's Albums into the Box
Each item in The Eras Box was thoughtfully connected to a specific album from Taylor Swift's discography. We spent a lot of time matching melodies with mementos to capture the emotions and aesthetics of each era.

Taylor Swift (Debut Album)

Acrylic Album Coaster from C2 Creations
As Taylor's first album, this coaster seemed like the perfect fit and C2 Creations brought it to life. The colour is that aqua blue you see in the album aesthetic and it's a little nod to "Our Song".

Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Fearless Bracelet from Kalida & Co.

An affirmation bracelet for Taylor's second album made so much sense. With a touch of gold, this bracelet from Kalida & Co. really reflects the Fearless cover.


Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
Enchanted Mini Candle from KingNash Candles

This mini candle from KingNash was inspired by Taylor's Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume. Daniella chose sandalwood vanilla, and a touch of apple, for a scent that reminds us of the magic of the Speak Now album.

RED (Taylor's Version)
22 Vinyl Sticker from Polly

Those red heart sunglasses are an iconic reference to Taylor's RED album. This vinyl sticker from Polly has the most memorable lyrics from the song 22.

Grimsby Cherry Lip Balm from Lip Service Beauty

Inspired by the lyrics "Cherry lips, crystal skies" from the song Blank Space, this balm added some lusciousness to the box. We wanted something that reminded us of Taylor's red lip era and Lip Service Beauty delivered.

Getaway Car Key Chain from Three Bears Design Co.

After all of the hate that Taylor received she disappeared from the public eye only to re-emerge with a moody album release. This key chain has those dark colours from the Reputation album, that distinctive font, and of course the nod to Getaway Car. Three Bears Design Co. is a Swiftie through and through.


Heart Sunglass Pouch from Happy Thoughts Crafting Co.

The darkness of the Reputation album was a thing of the past when Lover came about. Taylor's new relationship during this time is clear in each sweet and light song. We wanted a fabric for this pouch that mimicked the Lover cover, and Amanda from Happy Thoughts Crafting Co. sourced this stunning print.

Macrame Mirrorball from After the Storm Macrame

In the midst of the pandemic, Taylor released not one, but two, albums for fans. With a song like Mirrorball on the track list this beauty from After the Storm Macrame was meant for this gift box.

Champagne Bar Soap from Fresh Mayhem

We usually have to wait a few years for a new Taylor album but Evermore arrived very quickly after Folklore. One of the catchiest songs on this album is Champagne Problems and this soap from Fresh Mayhem worked so well for this reference.

Lavender Haze Bath Bomb from Beyond the Bomb

The most recent era from Taylor is such a shimmery vibe. Holly from Beyond the Bomb came through with a Lavender Haze bath bomb inspired by the track of the same name. A mix of lavender and marshmallow scents, and a deep purple colour, this bath bomb is made for Midnights.


Chapter 4: Behind-the-Scenes of Collaboration
A venture of this magnitude thrives on collaboration and camaraderie. While some of the items fit the theme easily, others required some brainstorming with the artisan. From finding the perfect pattern for the sunglasses pouch from Happy Thoughts Crafting Co., to an album-inspired scent for the Enchanted candle from KingNash Candles, there were some unique opportunities to work with small business friends on this box. 

Chapter 5: The Card that Tells the Story
A key element of The Eras Box is the card that outlines which item is inspired by which album. Including a card added a sentimental layer to the unboxing experience, making it even more meaningful and memorable.

The Unboxing Experience - Album Card

The Eras Box was more than just a collection of goodies; it's was a celebration of music, nostalgia, and the indomitable spirit of small businesses. We hope this blog has given you a deeper appreciation for the love and effort poured into making this vision come to life.

Stay tuned for the theme reveal of our second pop-Culture inspired box!

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