hello, friend.

I'm Christie - co-founder and owner of Box’d Local Inc.

As a creative person, I've always enjoyed gifting. From birthdays to baby showers, I often gravitate towards gifting a basket or box full of goodies rather than one single item - especially when it's local. By sourcing gifts locally I am able to keep money in my community, and reduce my overall footprint. Win-win.

In 2020, as small businesses were struggling, I reached out to my best friend, Ashley. I simply said: "Want to start a gift box business but with only local products?!". Lucky for me, she was on board.

Since then, this litte biz has become so much more, and has gone through many changes.

Box'd Local incorporated, became a solo endeavour for me (as Ash enjoys her new baby, Hunter), and we have expanded our offerings and services.

Despite all of the changes though, our love of all things local is at the heart of this journey.

what we do

At Box'd Local, we are more than just gift boxes.

We are committed to showcasing small businesses, introducing you to incredible products, and featuring charitable organizations.

No matter where you reside, we want to encourage you to live more locally.

Learn About How We Give Back

the dream team

Box'd Local Inc. might be my solo-owned biz, but it wouldn't exist without the dream team behind the scenes.

  • Mike, Pizza and Hashtag

    Here's a photo of me with my little family. Mike is what I call my royal cohabitant - an affectionate way of saying long-term boyfriend, life partner, favourite person, etc. He has helped so much behind the scenes, and gave me the push I needed to leave my 9-5 job for a new endeavor. Whether it's motivation from Mike, or snuggles with the puppies, these three have been a source of endless support.

  • Eli, Ashley, and Baby Hunter

    As the co-founder of Box'd Local, Ashley has been a part of this story since day one. Even in an unofficial capacity, Ashley remains an integral part of the business as my best friend with her advice, ideas and encouragement.
    As Ashley's partner in crime and marriage, Eli was put to work early on as our resident photographer and has been an incredible support. And last, but certainly not least, baby Hunter who has given these two a whole new job to figure out.